English books


Aldridge, D. (editor) Music therapy and neurological rehabilitation: Performing health. London: Jessica KIngsley Publishers 2005.

Aldridge, D. (editor) Case study designs in music therapy. London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers 2004.

Aldridge,D. (editor) Music therapy in dementia care: More new voices. Jessica Kingsley, London 2000.

Aldridge,D. (editor) Music therapy in palliative care: New voices. Jessica Kingsley, London 1999.

Aldridge, D. and Fachner, J. (editors) Music and addictions. Jessica Kingsley, London 2010.

Aldridge, D. and Fachner, J. (editors) Music and altered states. Jessica Kingsley, London 2005.

Lewith, G and Aldridge,D. (editors) Clinical research methodology for complementary therapies. Hodder and Stoughton: London 1993.

Aldridge,D. Musiktherapie in der Medizin. 
Forschungs-strategien und praktische Erfahrungen. 
Verlag Hans Huber, Bern. 1999 http://verlag.hanshuber.com/vkat/einzeltitel.php?isbn=3-456-82901-9
Aldridge, D. & Barrero Pérez, S. A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Suicidal Behaviours: Working with Individuals and Families. Jessica Kingsley, London 2012.
Fernandez Carvajal, I. & Aldridge, D. Understanding Fragile X: A guide to families and professionals. Jessica Kingsley, London 2011.
Avraham-Krehwinkel, C. & Aldridge, D. Happy Families. Jessica Kingsley, London 2010. 
Avraham-Krehwinkel, C. & Aldridge, D. A Non-Violent Resistance Approach with Children in Distress: A Guide for Parents and Professionals. Jessica Kingsley, London 2009.
Aldridge, G. & Aldridge, D. Melody in Music Therapy. A Therapeutic Narrative Analysis. Jessica Kingsley, London 2008.
Gilbertson, S., & Aldridge, D.  Music Therapy and Traumatic Brain Injury: A Light on a Dark Night. Jessica Kingsley Publishers: London 2008. 
Aldridge, D. Spirituality, healing and medicine. Jessica Kingsley, London 2000.
Aldridge, D. Suicide: The tragedy of hopelessness. Jessica Kingsley, London 1998 .
Aldridge, D. Music therapy research and practice in medicine: From out of the silence. Jessica Kingsley, London 1996.
Aldridge, D. One body: a guide to healing in the Church. London: S.P.C.K, 1987
Aldridge, D. Heath, the Individual and Integrated Medicine. Return to an Aesthetic of Health Care. London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers 2004.
Lewith, G and Aldridge,D. Complementary medicine and the European Community. C:W:Daniel Co.: Saffron Walden, 1991.http://www.jkp.com/catalogue/author.php/id/200

German books

Aldridge,D. (editor) Kairos V : Musiktherapie- mit Kindern. 
Huber Verlag, 2000.
Aldridge,D. (editor) Kairos IV : Musiktherapie- aus der alltaglichen Praxis. Huber Verlag, 1999.
Aldridge,D. (editor) Kairos II : Musiktherapie- aus der alltaglichen Praxis. Huber Verlag, 1997.
Aldridge,D. (editor) Kairos III : Musiktherapie- aus der alltaglichen Praxis. Huber Verlag, 1998.
Aldridge,D. (editor) Kairos I : Musiktherapie- aus der alltaglichen Praxis. Huber Verlag, 1997.http://verlag.hanshuber.com/vkat/einzeltitel.php?isbn=3-456-83541-8

Edited books

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