Processes of escalating and de-escalating distress

see Figure 9.2 Suicide: The Tragedy of Hopelessness 1997, p177 below

Suicide: the tragedy of hopelessness


An ecosystemic perspective

Suicide: The Tragedy of Hopelessness
David Aldridge
Paperback, ISBN-10: 1-85302-444-9 ISBN-13: 9781853024443, 320pp, 1997

My books about suicide are concerned with early work on the systemic nature of apparently individual problems. It elucidates the escalation of distress and how we develop repertories of distress management that are personal, relational and cultural. The research approach is ethno-methodology that fitted well into the emerging concepts related to an ecosystemic understanding of health behaviour. The focus here is not only on ‘patients’ but also carers and the context in which they live and love.

Since the early 1960s there has been an enormous increase in the numbers of cases of suicide, self-mutilation and depression, adolescents and the elderly being high-risk groups. Suicidal behaviour is a major health-care issue.

Case Study Designs in Music Therapy
Edited by David Aldridge
Paperback, ISBN-10: 1-84310-140-8 ISBN-13: 9781843101406, 304pp, 2004

Although western culture has traditionally understood suicide to be the choice of the individual, this is a misleading perception. While the person may feel as though he or she is acting in isolation, the reasons for suicide and self-mutilation are essentially social. Attention should therefore be focused to a far greater extent on the patient's social environment, and any treatment should also involve the family. Drawing on case studies, I construct a background against which suicidal behaviour can be perceived not as irrational and unpredictable, but as an understandable response to social disruption, isolation, conflict and neglect. I also investigate the complex web of prejudices surrounding our society's view of suicide, and look at ways of developing more effective preventative strategies. This is my first adaptation of George Kelly’s personal construct theory combined with a narrative research approach that has come to be Therapeutic Narrative Analysis.

David Aldridge

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